Algarve Wildlife: the natural year

Published on 09 November 2017 in Book reviews

By Clive Viney and Ray Tipper

First Nature, 2016; hbk, 288 pp; many colour photographs

ISBN 978-0-9934-5020-4, £22.50

This is the second edition of a book that first appeared in paperback in 2009. Now with an additional 100 pages, this is an excellent guide to this southernmost region of mainland Portugal. Starting in August, this book examines the way that wildlife changes through the seasons – analysing each two-week period throughout the year. Although both authors are well-known birders, there is plenty of information here for the all-round naturalist, and separate indexes are given for birds, butterflies, other insects, fish, fungi, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and plants. A relatively small map shows the towns and other locations mentioned in the text, which are also described in a gazetteer.

Keith Betton