Breeding behaviour of Common Kestrels in southern England

Published on 07 April 2020 in Main articles

Richard Sale, Lydia Newberry, Simon Newberry and Nathan Sale

Abstract The behaviour of a pair of Common Kestrels Falco tinnunculus using a nestbox on a farm in Hampshire was monitored throughout three breeding seasons, 2017–19. Motion-triggered video cameras revealed great detail on nestbox occupancy and the breeding cycle. Differences in behaviour suggest that different adults used the nestbox in different years. Data collected included egg-laying dates, time of and intervals between egg-laying, incubation periods by each parent, intervals between egg hatching, prey delivery times and species involved. Interaction with other species involved Wood Pigeons Columba palumbus, Feral Pigeons C. livia, Barn Owls Tyto alba and Jackdaws Coloeus monedula.

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The male Common Kestrel presenting a Field Vole to well-grown chicks, 24th June 2017. Richard Sale