British Birds April 2020

Published on 01 April 2020 in Latest issues

The White-billed Diver in Britain: its changing status and identification challenges  Records of White-billed Diver in the UK have increased since the 1990s. Most of this increase has occurred in Scotland. With between 20 and 40 birds now recorded annually, the species is no longer a British or a Scottish rarity. This paper outlines these changes, discusses aspects of the biology and behaviour of the White-billed Diver in Britain; and reviews the key identification criteria.

A review of records of Downy Woodpecker in Britain  Two apparent records of Downy Woodpecker in Britain are described. A review of the records based on the available evidence concludes that there is no support for Downy Woodpecker having occurred naturally in Britain.

Breeding behaviour of Common Kestrels in southern England  The behaviour of a pair of Common Kestrels using a nestbox on a farm in Hampshire was monitored throughout three breeding seasons, 2017–19. Motion-triggered video cameras revealed great detail on nestbox occupancy and the breeding cycle.

Obituaries  Clive Minton, Mark Rehfisch

Letters  A window on The Wash; Further news on lead amunition

Notes  The timing of anti-predator displays during the Ringed Plover’s breeding cycle; Stashing behaviour in a Herring Gull; Arctic Skuas caring for Common Eider duckling; The facial colour of displaying Grey Herons; Carrion Crows killing juvenile Black-headed Gull

BB eye  ‘If it flies, it dies’: employment-related pressures on gamekeepers to commit raptor persecution offences

My patch  RSPB Titchwell

Book reviews, News & comment and Recent reports complete the April issue.

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