British Birds, June 2013

Published on 05 June 2013 in Latest issues

June 2013 coverBB eye A celebration of global friendship – BirdLife International’s World Congress, by Richard Porter

Censusing and monitoring breeding seabirds in Britain and Ireland This is the third and final paper in a series to mark the research interests of former BB editor Stanley Cramp. Along with Bill Bourne and David Saunders, Cramp co-authored the first of three landmark texts that document the national surveys of British and Irish seabirds – Operation Seafarer (in 1969-70), the Seabird Colony Register (1985-88) and Seabird 2000 (1998-2002). This paper charts the progress of seabird monitoring in Britain and Ireland, mainly during the past 50 years, highlighting developments in methodology and some of the key results and changes in seabird populations.

South Polar and Great Skuas: the timing of primary moult as an aid to identification The plumages and moult cycles of immature large skuas are poorly known, and some first-year Great Skuas can closely resemble some South Polar Skuas. Ageing is generally possible by careful observation of plumage coloration and pattern, in combination with leg colour, primary shape and primary wear. Dick Newell, Steve Howell and Dani López-Velasco show that, for birds of known age, primary moult score is a valuable tool for identifying immature Great and South Polar Skuas.

Letters A species is what I say it is; The amateur ornithologist in Britain; Short-term fluctuations in bird numbers

Talking point The amateur ornithologist is dead: long live the citizen scientist! Will Cresswell

Reviews, News and Recent reports complete the June issue.

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