British Birds May 2020

Published on 01 May 2020 in Latest issues

Migration and movements of Woodcocks wintering in Britain & Ireland  The migrations of Woodcocks visiting Britain & Ireland in winter are described using ringing data and information from satellite tracking. About a quarter of British Woodcocks leave their natal area in winter, most of them hatched in Scotland and northern England, and move to Ireland. Migrant Woodcocks typically start to arrive in Britain during the second week of October. Tracked individuals were highly faithful to the same breeding and wintering sites.

Saving England’s lowland Eurasian Curlews  The Eurasian Curlew is classified as globally Near Threatened and is on the UK Red list of Birds of Conservation Concern. Around 25% of the world’s breeding population is found in the UK. This article describes the breeding Curlews of southern England: the status of these lowland populations and the conservation efforts directed at them.

‘Masked Wagtail’ in Pembrokeshire: new to Britain  A ‘Masked Wagtail’ Motacilla alba personata at Camrose, Pembrokeshire, from 29th November to 26th December 2016 has been accepted as the first record of this taxon for Britain and only the fourth for Europe.

Separation of Grey-headed and Black-headed Wagtail: a dark-headed thunbergi in eastern Spain  The potential for confusion between dark-headed examples of ‘Grey-headed Wagtail’ Motacilla flava thunbergi and ‘Black-headed Wagtail’ M. f. feldegg is highlighted by a well-photographed bird on Cabrera.

Notes  Nest temperature loggers shed new light on Eurasian Curlew incubation; Double kleptoparasitism involving Common Raven and two raptors in the Canary Islands; Mistle Thrush killing Grey Squirrel; Unusual feeding behaviour by Song Thrush and Blackbird at a garden pond; Song Thrush eating fallen petals of Bloody Crane’s-bill

BB eye  Bird (re)introductions: where should we draw the line?

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