British Birds November 2013

Published on 06 November 2013 in Latest issues

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Subalpine Warbler variation and taxonomy In this paper, Lars Svensson summarises the current knowledge of variation within the Subalpine Warbler complex. A new morphological character, regarding differences in the tail pattern, is described here, which will help in the diagnosis of taxa away from the breeding grounds. This new character is central to the proposal of a three-way split of the complex: Western Subalpine Warbler, Moltoni’s Warbler and Eastern Subalpine Warbler. Based on current knowledge of morphological characters and confirmed by genetic sampling, it is established that the first British record of Moltoni’s Warbler was a male on St Kilda on 13th June 1894.

Further comments on the ageing and sexing of Red-flanked Bluetails The recent increase in the numbers of Red-flanked Bluetails reaching western Europe has led to discussions of published criteria for ageing and sexing this species. Here, Magnus Hellstrom and Gabriel Norevik present observations of birds handled at Beidaihe Bird Observatory, in China, supplemented by data from the Swedish bird observatories at Ottenby and Stora Fjäderägg and observations in the field.

Treswell Wood: 40 years of integrated population monitoring This paper describes a 40-year study of a single site, Treswell Wood, in Nottinghamshire. Although the study has been, primarily, of birds, efforts have been made to record other wildlife and environmental data too. Here, the methods are outlined and some of the results described. This project, which is a single-site Integrated Population Monitoring study, illustrates some of the advantages of concentrating effort on a single site over a long time period.

Notes First nesting attempt by Shags in the Netherlands disrupted by Isle of May pioneer; Peregrine Falcons taking Moorhen; Great and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers drumming together; Feeding association between Great Spotted Woodpecker and Blue Tit; Common Swift taken by Pike; Spotted Flycatcher feeding peanut fragments to nestlings

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