British Birds September 2016

Published on 01 September 2016 in Latest issues

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BB eye Swansong: a lifetime with sparrows, by Denis Summers-Smith

Rare breeding birds in the UK in 2014 This report documents the status of 100 rare or scarce species that were recorded breeding, or potentially breeding, in the UK in 2014. Following another mild winter, conditions were generally good for breeding. The headline breeders were Black-winged Stilts and European Bee-eaters, with two pairs of each successfully fledging young.

Obituary Hugh Boyd

Notes Kleptoparasitism by Great Cormorant on Grey Heron; Northern Fulmars attacking and eating juvenile Brünnich’s Guillemots; Low-light hunting by coastal Peregrine Falcons; Kleptoparasitism of Common Kingfisher by Black-headed Gull; Dragonflies in the diet of the Common Kingfisher; Jackdaws feeding on wasps; Predation of a colony of Barn Swallows by Eurasian Sparrowhawk; Snow Buntings roosting in human boot prints.

Book reviews, Recent reports and News & comment complete the September issue.

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