British Trust for Ornithology

Published on 01 April 1934 in Editorials

The appeal issued by the provisional Council last summer has brought in so far a total in subscriptions and promises of £1,100 spread over five years, and a capital sum of £1,400 received through the generosity of Mr. H. F . Witherby, Vice-Chairman of the Trust Council. The raising of funds is being energetically pursued, and further amounts are in view. 2. This total has been raised, with the exception named, in small sums, and the response from ornithologists and naturalists has been widespread. At the same time the Trust has so far fallen short of raising the amount originally asked for. After careful consideration the provisional Council have decided that they will best interpret the wishes of their supporters by proceeding immediately with a comprehensive, but economical, programme which will demonstrate the possibilities of organized effort, and lay the foundations for more ambitious work as soon as funds will permit. 3. The main subject chosen for immediate investigation is the status of the Woodcock in the British Isles, particularly its breeding distribution at the present time and in the past, its distribution at other seasons, its fluctuations in numbers, and its migrations or movements. A schedule is issued with this number. It is proposed to carry out the first stage of the inquiry in 1934, and to complete it, by a renewed campaign, in 1935. All correspondence on this subject should be addressed to W. B. Alexander, M.A., University Museum, Oxford, from whom further copies of the schedule

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