Can you hear Goldcrest song?

Published on 07 February 2013 in Letters

Last year Richard Porter wrote about the loss of the ability to hear high-pitched bird-song and its implications for bird surveyors (click here – also here and here).  It prompted me to wonder just when the problem sets in.

I asked members of the shropshirebirds Yahoo Group to provide me (directly, and in confidence) with their experience of the issue/problem – seeking only gender, age and ‘can or cannot’ now hear Goldcrest song. The result was interesting in that I received only a handful of replies – a total of about 20 over several days.  I presume that people either thought the survey a waste of their time or they were coy about their ages and/or abilities.  Richard has suggested that I put the enquiry out via BB, hoping for a better response rate.

Publishing it on the BB website, I hope for many responses; if I receive a respectable number then I will post the results here too.

1.  I would like responses from all ages please.

2.  I need to know only (a) your gender, (b) your age and (c) if you can hear Goldcrest song or not.  You can send me results for other people in the same message if you like; the more the better.

3.  Please reply to me direct at [email protected]

Many thanks, John Tucker, Shropshire