Chestnut Bunting in Orkney: new to Britain

Published on 07 March 2018 in Main articles

By Julian Branscombe

Abstract A first-calendar-year male Chestnut Bunting Emberiza rutila was discovered on Papa Westray, Orkney, on 19th October 2015. It was initially elusive, giving only brief and inconclusive views, and its identification was not confirmed until 24th October. It remained on Papa Westray until 29th October. Its arrival in the Northern Isles coincided with that of other species with primarily Asian breeding ranges, and the date fell within the period of other accepted records of Chestnut Bunting from Europe. Following review by BBRC and BOURC, Chestnut Bunting was added to Category A of the British List. All previous British records of the species are believed to refer to escapes from captivity.

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Chestnut Bunting, Papa Westray, October 2015. Jonathan Ford