‘Dark-breasted Barn Owl’ breeding in Cheshire & Wirral in 2014

Published on 07 April 2017 in Main articles

By Steve Binney and Peter Coffey

Abstract A female ‘Dark-breasted Barn Owl’ Tyto alba guttata was found breeding with a male of the nominate subspecies T. a. alba at a site in Cheshire & Wirral in May 2014. Three eggs were laid, from which two chicks hatched and fledged. The female showed all the plumage features associated with Dark-breasted Barn Owl and the record was accepted by BBRC. The two chicks are described and compared with the adults. This is only the second record of Dark-breasted Barn Owl breeding in Britain.

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Female ‘Dark-breasted Barn Owl’ Tyto alba guttata at Brimstage, Cheshire & Wirral, 21st May 2014. Steve Binney