Dunnock and Whinchat photos

Published on 02 February 2017 in News and comment

Have you photographed grown nestlings or young individuals which have just left the nest, of either Dunnock or Whinchat? Images of these young birds in their very first plumage are needed for a presentation in the Norwegian bird magazine Fuglevennen (Birdlife Norway). We have not been able to find photos of immature Dunnocks and Whinchats. The idea is to show the very first plumages of young Whinchat, Wheatear, Robin, Bluethroat, Redstart, Pied and Spotted Flycatcher, and Dunnock, as these young birds may be confusingly similar in appearance. Your contribution would be much appreciated. Birds in the field or in the hand will do.

Images should be sent by e-mail to: r-solhe3@online.no

Roar Solheim, Editor Fuglevennen

Juvenile Robin