‘Eastern Grasshopper Warbler’ on Fair Isle: new to Britain

Published on 09 April 2015 in Main articles

By Will Miles, David Parnaby, Becki Rosser, Jason Moss and Martin Collinson

Abstract A Grasshopper Warbler Locustella naevia was trapped, ringed and released on Fair Isle on 20th September 2012. The wing length was below the range of the nominate race but matched that for ‘Eastern Grasshopper Warbler’ L. n. straminea/mongolica. DNA analysis confirmed a close match with two birds collected on the breeding grounds in Tyva in southern Siberia, within the range of straminea/mongolica, and one from Krasnodarskiy Kray in the Caucasus. This is the first record of one of the eastern races of Grasshopper Warbler in Britain.

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Fair Isle's Eastern Grasshopper Warbler, by Richard Johnson

Fair Isle’s Eastern Grasshopper Warbler, by Richard Johnson