MANY KIND THINGS have been written in the Press about the fiftieth anniversary of the first publication of British Birds, including a leading article in The Times, an editorial in The Field and appreciative notes in Country Life, the Observer and the Sunday Times. Birthday wishes were also sent over the air by the B.B.C. W e are all the more grateful for these and other appreciations because in the nature of things the Editors, Publishers and printers are accustomed to receive more criticism for their real or supposed failures than praise for their achievements. Nevertheless, our readers may be assured that we are still some way from succumbing to complacency, and in this we are ably assisted by our candid critics, especially when they point to faults of which we are only too well aware. One of these is the Sussex Bird Report for 1956 which complains that some of the more unusual county records have been in our hands for over a year without decisions to accept or reject having been notified, and that consequently it has been necessary to devote a good deal of space to descriptions which are redundant if they are afterwards to be repeated in British Birds. There is much justice in this reproach, and we are making special efforts to overcome these delays. At the same time we feel bound to call attention to some of the factors responsible for them which it is in the power of some of our readers to
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