Published on 01 January 1909 in Editorials

IT is with great satisfaction t h a t I am able to announce that, commencing with this number of the Magazine, I shall have the assistance not only of Mr. W. P . Pycraft, who has given me most able help in t h e past, b u t also of two such excellent ornithologists as t h e Rev. F . C. R. Jourdain and Mr. N . F . Ticehurst–both already wellknown to t h e readers of B R I T I S H B I R D S . H.F.W. In the volume which commences with this number, we hope to devote special attention to the migration of birds. The opening article, by Dr. J . A. Allen, will, we feel sure, be greatly appreciated by our readers, since it m a y be regarded as a summary of the views held on the general aspects of the subject by one of the bestknown and most respected of our American confreres– views which are, we believe, in harmony with those held in general by American ornithologists. I n a future number will commence a series of articles by Commander H. Lynes on some aspects of the migration of birds in the Mediterranean. Commander Lynes has made excellent use of exceptional opportunities for the study of migration during three years in this region, and his observations on the direction, manner, speed, and altitude of the flight and on the habits of migrating birds are most

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