Published on 01 June 1944 in Editorials

EDITORIAL, AT the beginning of a new volume I take the opportunity of making some announcements with regards to the conduct of this journal. It was always Mr. Witherby’s practice, and especially so since the death of the Rev. F. C. R. Jourdain, to consult ornithologists with special knowledge in particular fields whenever this seemed desirable in connexion with British Birds. I now propose to bring such kind helpers into a slightly more ” official ” relationship with the magazine by forming a panel of honorary consultants whose names will be announced from time to time. For the present this will consist of the following :–Messrs. H. G. Alexander, W. B. Alexander, Miss E. V. Baxter, the Hon. G. L. Charteris, Mr. R. Chislett, Sir Hugh Gladstone, Messrs. G. R. Humphreys, G. C. S. Ingram, N. B. Kinnear, Lt.-Col. R. F. Meiklejohn, Miss L. J. Rintoul, Mr. B. B. Riviere, Lt.-Col. B. H. Ryves, Mr. H. N. Southern, and Dr. A. Landsborough Thomson. Though it will be understood that this arrangement is only giving a rather more formal status to what has in fact long been done, I am sure that our readers will welcome the more definite association of these well-known workers with the magazine. Ornithologists directly engaged on war service have been intentionally omitted for the time being, but it is hoped to add other names after the conclusion of the war with Germany. The arrangement by which the present volume will run until December, 1945, so that

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