By Nick Dixon Privately published, 2016; pbk, 20pp; 15 colour photographs. £6.00 (incl. postage) from This booklet gives a brief and thorough account of the Peregrine Falcons Falco peregrinus breeding on St Michael and All Angels Church in Exeter, Devon. First present in 1988, they started to breed in 1997 and have fledged chicks every year since. Individual adults have been identified and chicks have been ringed (since 2012). The birds have become noted for aggressive attacks on Common Buzzards Buteo buteo, as described in the author’s contributions to BB (Brit. Birds 108: 253–263; 109: 411–415). All proceeds from the sale of this booklet will go directly towards the upgrading of the nest camera from analogue to HD resolution, prior to the 2017 breeding season, and to support the costs of live internet streaming. The booklet is well produced and designed (by the author) and is well worth the small outlay. Robin Prytherch
Issue 3
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