Great bird reserves: St Kilda

Published on 04 July 2018 in Main articles

By Will Miles

Abstract The islands of St Kilda are remote, spectacular and alive with many thousands of birds. As the only dual-status UNESCO World Heritage Site in Britain, St Kilda has a unique standing as a reserve for nature and culture. This article describes the history, management, wildlife and visitor status of the archipelago. It focuses on the islands’ birdlife, including the major seabird populations, the endemic St Kilda Wren Troglodytes troglodytes hirtensis, spring and autumn migration, and Arctic and American vagrants.

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Arriving on St Kilda on a perfect June day in 2016. The peaks of Mullach Mòr, Conachair and Oiseval (left to right) shelter Village Bay and the harbour. Roger Riddington