Last call for the Tawny Owl

Published on 12 November 2013 in News and comment

First a big thank you to everyone who has responded to our appeal for records of daylight calling by Tawny Owls.

The response to our study has blown the long-held theory that Tawny Owls are strictly nocturnal (in the UK at least) right out of the nest box. We now have hundreds of records that show quite clearly that British Tawny Owls are far from being tucked up in bed in the middle of the day. It also illustrates how the behaviour and lifestyle of a fairly common species can change over the years, without being noticed by most people.

We intend to stop collecting records of daylight calling at the end of this winter, as we shall then have sufficient information to present a report next year. Even so, we still need more information so all records from now until 28th February 2014 will be welcome. With this in mind, we are especially keen to receive records from Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and north through to Scotland, the West Country, from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and again north to Scotland. Please contact [email protected] for a recording form and once again, many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the survey so far.

Jeff Martin and Heimo Mikkola