Published on 01 May 1913 in Letters

S I R S , — I need hardly say how interested I was to read t h e report on the feet of a Woodeook whieh I sent you in December, 1912, a n d in which Dr. N . F . Tieehurst states : ” H a d the subject been h u m a n and n o t avian, I should n o t have hesitated to have ascribed the conditions as due to tuberculosis.” On J u l y 23rd, 1905, I picked up a Lapwing in a moribund state, which I forwarded after death to Dr. C. G. Seligmann. He found t h a t it was ” the subject of advanced tuberculosis,” a n d a short description of it together with a plate (fig. 3) duly appeared in The Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine for December, 1907. May I add how glad I a m to feel t h a t I was in some way instrumental in bringing about your decision (expressed in Vol. VI., p. 282) as to undertaking ” Post-mortem examination of Birds ” on behalf of contributors to your Magazine.

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