Published on 01 December 1911 in Letters

To the Editors of B R I T I S H B I R D S . BULLETIN B.O.O., VOL. X X V I I I . — CORRECTIONS. SIRS,—Will you kindly allow mo to point out one or two unfortunate errors in the last (sixth) Migration Report ? On page 214 the records of the Yellow-browed Warbler have got into a sad muddle, and I very much fear t h a t I alone am responsible for this. In line 2 delete ” and 30th,” line 3 should read ” October the 2nd and 2 4 t h ” etc., the word October in line 4 should be deleted, and in line fi ” 28th of October and 4th of November ” should read ” 28th of September and 4th of October ” On page 257 the two first records of the Black Tern have been transposed, the Hampshire one belonging to ‘August the 3rd and the Anglesey one to September the 8th. As the accuracy of these m a y be important to county ornithologists, I take the earliest opportunity of correcting them. X. F . TIOEHUKST, Hon. Sec. B.O.C. Migration Committee. [Mention m a y here be made of the following items in the R e p o r t which should have been included in my notice on page 176. Several Black Redstarts {R. titys) seen and four killed at the Would Lt.-vessel (Xorfolk) a t 2 a.m. on May 2nd, 1910. A Blue-headed Wagtail (M.

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