Published on 01 October 1912 in Letters

SIRS,–Mr. C. S. Meares’s criticism with regard to m y inclusion of the H o b b y and Grasshopper-Warbler as sporadic breeders is somewhat vague–and, moreover, he makes no a t t e m p t to suggest a better definition. W h y he objects to the use of these two species a n d n o t the Hawfinch I do n o t know. I adopted the term ” s p o r a d i c ” because it h a d already been used b y Mr. Witherby in his note o n t h e breeding of the Crossbill (Vol. IV., p. 333). If the Crossbill is rightly described as a sporadic breeder I maintain t h a t m a n y other species, including those mentioned, are equally so. The grounds for the assertion I made, rest entirely on the actual field-experience of m y friends and myself, extending over thirty years.

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