Published on 01 December 1912 in Letters

SIRS,–Mr. Jourdain in his editorial note has so completely replied’ to Mr. Meares’s letter, t h a t there is very little more for me to add. I have never disputed Mr. Witherby’s grounds for describing the’ Crossbill as a sporadic breeder in E n g l a n d ; on the contrary I consider at the time the statement appeared it was fully justified. B u t since the statement was made, i.e. soon after the great irruption in 1909-10, I have proved conclusively t h a t it bred in 1911 and 1912. Apart from this, the evidence which I have collected from several keepers and keen observers left no doubt in m y mind t h a t it has always bred in Suffolk and possibly Norfolk. Mr. H . M. Upcher remarked t h a t the Crossbill used to breed regularly in a small clump of fir-trees near Brandon station, Norfolk (Bulletin B.O.C., Vol. N X V I I . , p. 61), and I now respectfully submit t h a t Mr. Witherby has no longer any claim to maintain t h a t the Crossbill is not a resident breeding species in England. If some foreign species has a right to be placed on the British list as the result of securing a solitary example, then surely the Crossbill has some claim to be classed as a resident English breeding species, on the strength of the evidence which has been submitted from

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