Published on 01 January 1913 in Letters

S I R S , — I a m glad t h a t Mr. Hale has questioned these two records (supra, p. 199), for since recording the nesting of the Grey Lag-Goose in Orkney in Vol. I I I . , p. 376, I have h a d doubts as to whether the pair were genuine wild birds, for on t h e spring-migration I know of more t h a n one case where Grey Lags have left the migrating skeins and joined tame geese in Orcadian farm-yards, sometimes remaining for considerable periods. The pair in question were probably; I now consider, semi-domesticated, and if so m y record will n o t stand. The case of the Long-tailed Duck nesting in Orkney is still more doubtful, and I protested against the record from the moment it was published, for as I pointed o u t in The Annals of Scottish Natural History some years ago, hardly, if ever, a year passes without one or more pairs remaining on Loch Stenness throughout the summer, which of course is no proof t h a t they nest there, such being in all probability wounded birds unable t o make t h e passage. H . W. ROBINSON. SPORADIC N E S T I N G AND T H E CROSSBILL.S I R S , — I have been much interested in the sporadic nesting controversy, especially where reference is made t o t h e Crossbill, a n d

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