Published on 01 February 1913 in Letters

Sms,–I have read with much interest the Rev. F . C. R. Jourdain’s article entitled ” Notes on the Bird-Life of South-west I c e l a n d ” (supra, pp. 234-45). Mr. Jourdain again raises the much vexed question as to what species of Grey Goose breeds in Iceland, a n d I see he and his companions came to the conclusion t h a t all the Grey Geese they saw were Anser anser. The m a t t e r has puzzled me for some time, and last year, when in communication with Mr. G. B . Dinesen the collector, of Husavik, North Iceland, I asked him what species of Grey Goose he found breeding in Iceland. I quote his reply: ” I n regard to Grey Geese, I will name Anser segetum and Anser albifrons,” and I have heard from him recently t h a t he has two skins of Anser albifrons for me to see (one a small one), and which I expect to receive s h o r t l y ; I shall then be in a position to report definitely. The fact t h a t Mr. Dinesen only names Anser segetum ( = A. f. fabalis) and Anser albifrons does not make Mr. Jourdain’s record any less likely to be correct; indeed, I think t h a t it is generally accepted t h a t Anser anser does breed in Iceland. Moreover, I have in my own collection,

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