Published on 01 July 1908 in Letters

” T H E BIRDS OF YORKSHIRE.” To the Editors of BRITISH BIRDS. SIRS,–In your review of Mr. Nelson’s excellent book on the ” Birds of Yorkshire,” you allude to the ” authors.” This is a mistake. There is but one author, Mr. Nelson, and it is only fair to him that this should be made clear. Mr. Boyes and myself supplied information and acted as consultants only. WILLIAM EAGLE CLARKE. The Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, November 15th, 1907. [The wording on the title-page of the work reads ” B y T. H. Nelson, with the co-operation of W. Eagle Clarke and E. Boyes,” and if Messrs. Clarke and Boyes were not to be regarded as authors it would have been more correct had their names been omitted from the title page, and their co-operation acknowledged in the Preface only.–EDS.]

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