Published on 01 March 1913 in Letters

SIRS,–As reported b y me in the Field a few weeks ago, in reference to t h e hybridization of Grey Lag a n d domestic Geese, I saw a large number of Grey Lag-Geese (Anser anser) a t Heradsfloi on the northeast coast of Iceland on August 3rd, 1911. The surf prevented m y landing, a n d t h e high beach obstructed the view, b u t upwards of one hundred Grey Lags r a n along the beach in front of my launch. They were unable to fly, and when hard pressed some disappeared over t h e bank a n d others took to the sea. I shot one of these in order to see the condition of t h e flight-feathers. I take this opportunity of saying t h a t I saw a Black-headed Gull (Larus ridibundus) on the north coast of Iceland, a few days earlier, and was also shown one in the possession of the Danish Consul a t Akureyri which he had shot a few days before m y arrival. As the Lesser Black-backad Gull (L. fuscus) appears to be considered a rare bird, a n d only to have been reported once, it m a y be of interest to mention t h a t I saw these birds on t h e E a s t coast both in 1910S I R S , — I am obliged to t h e Rev. F . C. R. Jourdain

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