Published on 01 September 1908 in Letters

seen in t h e ” F i e l d ” of 11th J a n u a r y a note relating to the capture of a marked Teal in co. Kerry, Ireland. T h e bird had an aluminium plate round its leg with t h e n a m e and address a n d a register number of t h e gentleman who marked it. As I have been for some time in communication with this gentleman (Herr Chr. Mortensen, of Viborg, Denmark) I thought a note of his work might be of interest. Herr Mortensen for some years past h a s been catching various species of birds, a n d after marking t h e m with an aluminium plate he has given them their liberty again, hoping in this w a y to trace t h e movements of these birds. Amongst the species thus marked were Starlings, Kites, White Storks, Goshawks, Common Buzzards, a n d Teal, a n d t h e results to date of these experiments were published in an interesting paper in t h e ” Dansk Ornithologisk Forenings Tidsskrift,” P a r t IV., 1907. This Teal, I believe, was one of 100-200 marked during last a u t u m n , a n d h a d been taken in t h e duck decoys there : it therefore h a d travelled about 850 miles W.S.W. A Starling liberated on September 15th, 1904,

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