Published on 01 June 1915 in Letters

S I R S , — I have lately been reading various articles in the papers regarding birds in t h e war-stricken parts of France, so I thought you might care to have a few of m y personal observations on this subject. I will first enumerate t h e birds I have actually seen. These include t h e House-Sparrow, Swallow, House-Martin, Chaffinch, Yellow-Hammer, Sky-Lark, Willow-Wren, Magpie, Kestrel and Wood-Pigeon. All of these I have seen flying about in front of our own and t h e French artillery during an artillery duel. The House-Sparrows continue t o sit on t h e house-tops of this village (I cannot name it), which is about f-mile from t h e French trenches, although t h e shells are continually knocking large holes in t h e roofs. So far I have only seen one of these birds killed a t all. Under t h e eaves of two of t h e cottages three pairs of House-Martins have already built their nests. (I m a y add t h a t this village has h a d about twenty shells fired over and on it each d a y for t h e last two days. I n fact it is only left standing because there are so m a n y spies in it. W e have caught three of them.) A Magpie always seems to fly over our guns a t about 9 a.m. each morning, while

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