Published on 01 July 1915 in Letters

SIRS,–Under the title ” The B.O.U. List of British Birds ” the authors of the Hand-list have given a review of t h a t List and, as I anticipated, have at once agreed to some of the obvious emendations upon their own work which are there recorded. In well-chosen phrases they have expressed the aims and views of t h e priority-hunter. I would quote one only: ” Our sole interest in nomenclature is centred in the desire for uniformity and fixity.” With this sentence clearly in mind, I offer the following remarks on some of the B.O.U. List alterations rejected by the authors of the Hand-list. APUS. This name is apparently to be retained under t h e quotation of the Recommendation attached to Article 30. This case, however, is governed by Opinion 36 where errors of transliteration are amenable to emendation. This Opinion was concurred in by Dr. Hartert. The facts are : Scopoli proposed Apos for Monoculus Apus : the correct transliteration is Apuf, and so Scopoli’s name was corrected and has been so used for too many years to consider. This usage is now endorsed by Opinion 36 and there is no recourse. Later in the same work Scopoli proposed Apus for Hirundo Apus. This name was rejected consistently until t h e last few years, and even most of its supporters have now abandoned t h a t position. T h e argument t h a t Scopoli intended to use two different words

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