Monthly Marathon

Published on 13 March 2014 in Other

The rock-perching passerine (89: plate 172) created few problems, with all but five entrants identifying it as a lark (Alaudidae), and 96% correctly naming it as a Wood Lark Lullula arborea. Other answers included Sky Lark Alauda arvensis, Oriental Lark A. gulgula and Dusky Thrush Turdus naumanni. After five hurdles, the Marathon field is now well stretched out, with 198 entrants on one correct answer, 152 on two, 126 on three, 90 on four and just three leading the competition, each with an immaculate five wholly correct answers: Stephen Foster (Co. Antrim), David McAdams (Germany) and Richard Patient (Cambridge). Well done, those three! The pressure is now really on them: as bad, so we are told by some previous winners, as sitting in the famous, black Mastermind chair all month every month. The eventual winner, who ac hieves a rninimum total of ten correct answers (and at least one more than his or her nearest rival), will be able to choose a SUNBIRD holiday to Africa, America or Asia. Previous winners have chosen trips to Canada, China, Hong Kong, Kenya and Thailand.A 3. ‘Monthly marathon’. Photo no. 127. Seventh stage in ninth ‘Marathon’. Identify the species. Read the rules (see page 66), then send in your answer on a postcard to Monthly Marathon, Fountains, Park Lane, Blunham, Bedford MK44 3NJ, to arrive by 15th March 1997.1. Only current individual subscribers to British Birds are eligible to take part. Entrants should give their name, address and BB reference number on their

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