Published on 13 March 2014 in Notes

All Notes submitted to British Birds are subject to independent review, either by the Notes Panel or by the BB Editorial Board.Those considered appropriate for BB will be published either here or on our website ( subject to the availability of space.present and appeared to be happily eating bread I can perhaps throw some light on the note by most of the time, the long-term effects of which Robin Sellers (Brit. Birds 102: 279) regarding remain to be seen. Most of the `redheads’ appear Goosanders Mergus merganser in Cumbria to be immature males, with adult females being eating bread. It seems likely that these birds had in a very small minority. One adult male has previously visited Hogganfield Loch, in been hand-caught at Hogganfield and ringed. Glasgow. Goosanders have congregated at this Typically, when these Goosanders (some loch in winter for the past 20 years or more, identified as the same individuals on the basis ranging from a few birds up to flocks of 150 or of distinctive moult patterns) venture to other more. The larger flocks are usually present in lochs and waters in the area (e.g. Gadloch and autumn, when huge shoals of young Roach Antermony Loch), they revert to becoming wild Rutilus rutilus are preyed upon, sometimes cooperatively. Roach are attracted to the duck and swan feeding areas of the park when people throw bread into the water. When some of it falls to the loch bed, the Roach congregate to feed. Twenty years ago, Goosanders approached

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