Published on 01 June 1908 in Notes

WOOD-PIGEON ” D I P H T H E R I A / ‘ N O T the least of the aims of B R I T I S H B I R D S is the advancement of the Study of Economic Ornithology, and the great interest which was taken in our endeavour to penetrate the mystery surrounding the so-called ” diphtheria ” in WoodPigeons shows t h a t our readers are in entire s y m p a t h y with this most important object. The appeal which we made for material met with a most hearty response ; and in the able hands of Dr. C. B. Ticehurst this material was made to yield some most interesting and valuable results. But, as may be seen from his Report, published in our issue for August last, many points require further elucidation ; and we feel t h a t , having gone so far it is our bounden d u t y to go further, till all possible facts have been ascertained. We, therefore, turn again to our readers for help in providing material which Dr. Ticehurst, once more, has kindly promised to deal with. I t has been contended t h a t W T ood-Pigeon diphtheria is communicable to m a n ; but, so far, Dr. Ticehurst’s investigations do not lend much support to this view. I t is certainly significant t h a t it appears to be by no means so

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