Obituary: Austin Geoffrey Leigh

Published on 01 September 1916 in Obituaries

WARWICKSHIRE ornithology has sustained a very serious loss by the death of this young and ardent worker, who was killed in action in France on June 4th, 1916, The third and youngest son of Mr. George L. Leigh, he lived practically the whole of his life at Hampton-inArden, Warwickshire, where he was born on July 20th, 1893. He was very early in life attracted by the birdlife around him and began making observations and collecting eggs. By the time he reached his eighteenth year this predilection had become a passion, and he conceived the idea of producing a history of the birds of Warwickshire. From t h a t time, till he joined the Army towards the close of 1914, the greater part of his leisure was employed in collecting material for what he intended should be the great work of his life. He had already accumulated a considerable amount of matter, but had no intention of publishing for some years to come, for though such a work as he contemplated must necessarily be to a large extent a compilation, yet he wished it to be as far as possible a record of his personal experience and observation. Soon after the war broke out Leigh enlisted as a private in the 2nd City (Birmingham) Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, and at once threw himself into his military duties with the zest that characterised him in everything he did, quickly becoming an expert rifle-shot and getting his stripe as

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