Obituary: Captain Cecil Stanley Meares

Published on 01 December 1916 in Obituaries

MEARBS was killed whilst leading his Company into action on July 30th, 1916. Born in November, 1883, he was the youngest son of Thomas Meares of Clive Hall, Shrewsbury, and was educated at Bilton Grange and Uppingham, where he was top of the school in mathematics. He represented his school at Bisley for several years in the shooting VIII., and on one occasion tied for the coveted Public Schools’ Prize, the ” Spencer Cup,” and lost on the tie being shot off, by one point. He was a chartered accountant by profession, and had practised in the City of London for some years. A keen and most energetic sportsman, from his earliest days he had always been particularly fond of the study of British birds, their habits, nests and eggs. As an indefatigable and observant field ornithologist, he had few equals. He made, together with his brother D. H. Meares, an excellent scientific collection of British birds’ eggs, which contained perfect clutches of eggs, of nearly every British breeding bird, supplemented by profuse and accurate data of their localities, notes and habits. In the course of his rambles he penetrated most of the out-of-the-way haunts of rare birds in the British Islands, including the Orkneys, and during recent years made special studies of such rare birds as the Dotterel, Hobby, Marsh-Warbler, Montagu’s Harrier, Greenshank, Kentish Plover, Quail and Garganey. The only record of the Siskin breeding in Shropshire mentioned in Mr. H. E. Forrest’s ” Fauna of Shropshire “

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