Obituary: Captain J. M. Charlton and Lieut. H. V. Charlton

Published on 01 September 1916 in Obituaries

CAPTAIN J O H N MACFARLAN CHARLTON was killed in the great attack, near La Boiselle, on July 1st, 1916, the twenty-fifth anniversary of his birthday. He fell, shot through the head by a bullet, while leading his company, after having taken the first and second lines of enemy trenches and when just about to charge the third ; his last words being to his orderly : ” Is that you, B ? For God’s sake, push on, I’m done.” The orderly stooped down and asked if there was anything he could do, but the Captain was dead. He joined the Northumberland Yeomanry in October 1914; received his commission in the Northumberland Fusiliers in the same year, and was promoted Captain in the 21st N.F. (2nd Tyneside Scottish}. He was educated at Uppingham, where he was secretary to the Natural History section of the school. His class-master writes of him on July 13th l a s t : ” For a boy, as he then was, he had a wonderful knowledge of birds, and quite remarkable powers of observation. Ornithology is my hobby and we spent many afternoons together, when his bright, sunny nature, his sense of humour, and his attractive personality made him a very pleasant companion. I remember the editor of the Avicultural Magazine was much struck by his work in our ornithological report for the year, which was entirely Charlton’s writing.” He had, at an early age, shown conspicuous ability in an illustrated essay on “

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