Obituary: Captain Leonard Gray

Published on 01 April 1916 in Obituaries

CAPTAIN LEONARD GEAY, of the Essex Regiment, who resided at Laurel Bank, Chelmsford, and died at Alexandria on July 31st last whilst on active service, was one of several sons of the late Mr. Charles Harrison Gray, of Goldlay House, Chelmsford, a prominent townsman. From his schoolboy days, Captain Gray had taken a keen interest in ornithology and had been an active collector of birds’ eggs, often visiting Scotland and other districts favourable for collecting. He was not an extensive contributor to ornithological literature, but he sent notes occasionally to British Birds. Thus, in 1908 and 1909, he recorded the nesting of the Lesser Redpoll at Chelmsford (vol. ii., p. 203, and vol. iii., p. 123), and in 1912 he sent a note on the nesting of the Crossbill in Suffolk (vol. iv., p. 14). In private life he practised as a solicitor. Captain Gray bequeathed his collection of eggs and the cabinets containing it to the Corporation Museum at Chelmsford ; but, as it has not yet been received there, no information is available as to its extent and interest. M. C.

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