Obituary: Captain Lord Lucas and Richard James Balston

Published on 01 February 1916 in Obituaries

It was reported that Lord Lucas was missing after making a flight over the German lines on November 4th, 1910, and subsequently his death was announced. Lord Lucas, the son of the late Hon. Auberon Herbert, was born in 1876, and succeeded to the baronies of Lucas and Dingwall on the death of his uncle, the last Earl Cowper, in 1905. Lord Lucas rowed in the Oxford boat in 1898 and 1899. During the Boer War when acting as correspondent of The Times, he was wounded and his leg had to be amputated below the knee. But this handicap had an extraordinary small outward effect on his activity, even in cross-country walking. After holding several Under-Secretaryships, Lord Lucas was appointed President of the Board of Agriculture in 1914, but on the formation of the Coalition in May, 1915, he resigned and joined the Royal Flying Corps. His courage and temperament eminently fitted him for flying, and although many years over the standard age for this arm he soon became a skilful pilot. Lord Lucas was an ardent lover of Nature, and especially of birds, and was elected a member of the British Ornithologists’ Union in 1902. I t may be mentioned that he took a considerable interest in our Marking Scheme, and only the other day we had news of an interesting record of the recovery of a Lapwing ringed by him some four years ago. RICHARD JAMES BALSTON. We much regret to announce the death of Mr. R.

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