Obituary: Charles Bethune Moffat. (1859-1945)

Published on 01 March 1946 in Obituaries

Betlmne Moffat, to the great regret of his many friends, died on October 14th, 1945. He was born in the Isle of Man on January16th, 1859, being the eldest of the seven children of the late James and Annie Moffat. When Charles was about a year and a half old, his parents came to Ireland and settled at Ballyhyland, Co. Wexford. It was at Ballyhyland that the young Charles began his study of Natural History, and it was there that in his mature years he made most of those careful and detailed field observations which formed the basis of much in his writings and lectures. As a boy he was at school for a few years in the Isle of Man, but he finished his secondary education at a private school in Co. Wexford. In the year 1875 he entered Trinity College, Dublin, where he had a very distinguished career, securing First Rank Honours in Logic, Metaphysics and Ethics. In 1879 he obtained Senior Moderatorship in Mental and Moral Philosophy, was awarded a Gold Medal, and had his B.Ä. Degree conferred on December 17th. Deciding tö follow Law as his profession, he entered at King’s Inns and was called to the Bar in 1881. But when he had taken only one Brief he was diverted from Law to Journalisrn. He was for many years attached to the (Dublin) Daily Express as a leader writer on Politics, Literature and Natural History. With such a background, we can readily understand how Moffat

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