Obituary: Henry John Pearson. A Memoir

Published on 01 April 1913 in Obituaries

deep regret we have to record the death of our esteemed friend Henry John Pearson, which took place at Assiut, Egypt, on February 8th. His remains were buried in the English Cemetery at Cairo on February 9th, 1913. Henry Pearson was born at Chilwell in the county of Nottingham on August 29th, 1850, the eldest son of Mr. J. R. Pearson and Elizabeth his wife. From an early age he took an interest in natural history and this inclination, especially towards birds, began, as is so often the case, in a boy’s collection of their eggs. Entering into business as quite a young man, his ability and energy were crowned with success, but many years elapsed before he could spare the time to indulge in extended absences from home, and expeditions to the Arctic Regions in pursuit of his beloved ornithological investigations. Still in his short summer holidays spent in Norway and elsewhere Ornithology was not forgotten, and additions were made to his collection of eggs. His first recorded trip was made in the summer of 1893, in company with his brother Charles and Mr. Edward Biofwell, an account of which is published in the Ibis for 1894 a s a ” Birds’ nesting excursion to the north of Norway.” Their notes on the birds observed are interesting, and the result of the expedition was the acquisition of eggs of forty-seven species, taken by themselves. In 1894 with his brother Charles Pearson he visited the southern Fiskevotn district of Iceland.

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