Obituary: Jannion Steele Elliott (1871-1942)

Published on 01 July 1942 in Obituaries

STEELE ELLIOTT was born at Bedford on May 25th, 1871 and died during a visit to his brother at Kerry, Montgomeryshire on March 27th, 1942. He was educated at Bedford Modern Grammar School and in 1896 went to the midlands with his brother William Elliott to take over the foundry business of Robbins & Co., at Dudley. He lived for some time at Clent arid it was here, where I occasionally spent week-ends with him, that we first became acquainted. Swifts nested in the house and we had excellent opportunities of studying their evening flights about which, as well as the incubation and fiedging periods, Elliott wrote accounts in the Zoologist (1900In 1902 he purchased the delightful Elizabethan, timber-framed Manor House of Dowles in Wyre Forest, and lived there until his death. He gradually bought other lands and woods and eventually getting control of all the Dowles Valley around the house, formed a little bird sanctuary, where even so called ” vermin” were protected. In 1897 he began to publish in parts for private circulation The Vertebrate Fauna of Bedfordshire, but owing to difnculties connected with his leaving the county he discontinued this work after completing his account of the birds in Part V published in June, 1901. He never lost interest in the county however, and besides making a collection of local birds for the Museum of his old school, he wrote the ” Aves ” section in the Victoria County History of Bedfordshire (1902) and published occasional

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