Obituary: Lieut-Colonel Boyd R. Horsburgh

Published on 01 September 1916 in Obituaries

WE regret to record the death of Lt.-Col. Boyd Robert Horsburgh, A.S.C., which occurred on July 11th, 1916. Prom his earliest childhood he had been devoted to Natural History in all its branches, but birds were his special hobby, and in the ornithological world he was well known as a successful aviculturist. His ponds at Tandridge Priory, Oxted, his charming home in Surrey, contained numbers of Ducks and Geese, including some of the rarer American species seldom kept in captivity in this country. He imported some fine collections from India and elsewhere, including Minivets, Sunbirds and other species which had not previously been seen alive in England. Besides contributing articles to the Avicultural Magazine, he published, in 1912, The Game Birds and Water-Fowl of South Africa, illustrated by Sergeant (now Lieutenant) C. G. Davies, 1st S. African Mounted Rifles, who also contributed a number of valuable field-notes. Col. Horsburgh was the elder son of the late Capt. C. B. Horsburgh, and was born at Poona on July 27th, 1871. Educated at Wellington and Sandhurst, he joined the Warwickshire Regiment in 1893, and served for two years in Ceylon, subsequently exchanging to the Army Service Corps. He saw active service during the Sierra Leone Rebellion, 1898-99, and in the South African War, 1899-1902, when he was invalided home, receiving the Queen’s and King’s medals with five clasps. In 1902 he married Miss Elizabeth R. Mitchell, daughter of Mr. Chapman Mitchell of Philadelphia, U.S.A., and in 1912 retired from the Army

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