Obituary: Richard Bowdler Sharpe

Published on 01 September 1909 in Obituaries

) THIS great ornithologist passed away on Christmas Day, 1909, at his home at Chiswick, after a brief illness. The news of his death must have come as a shoek to his many friends, who were unaware of his condition. Dr. Sharpe was present at the meeting of the British Ornithologists’ Club on the evening of the 16th of December. He thenseemed to be in his usual health and cheerful mood. Next day he took t o his bed, pneumonia and other complications supervened, and the end came early on the morning of the 25th. By his death the Zoological Department of the British Museum has lost a remarkable personality and a distinguished member of its staff, whose kindness of heart and genial nature had endeared him to all his colleagues. Those of us who knew him intimately have lost a dear friend and cheerful companion, whom we shall long miss from our midst. His exuberance of spirits and inexhaustible fund of humour, which found vent even a few hours before his death, have enlivened many an hour passed in his company, for even the most melancholy of his friends could not feel dull in the cheering presence of the late Head of the Bird Room. But to a wider circle of working ornithologists, both a t home and abroad, the death of Dr. Sharpe means the loss of a much respected and esteemed fellow-worker, who for well nigh forty years occupied a prominent position in their ranks, and who

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