Obituary: The Late A. O. Hume, C.B.

Published on 01 November 1912 in Obituaries

IT is with much regret that we chronicle the death of Allan Octavian Hume, the celebrated Indian ornithologist, who died recently at the age of eighty-three. Of late years Mr. Hume had ceased to take an active interest in ornithology, but he will always be remembered for the magnifieent collection of Indian birds and eggs which he brought together and finally presented to the British Museum. Between the years 1873 and 1889 he also published a periodical entitled ßtray Feathers, which was devoted to Indian ornithology, and the bulk of the material for the well-known work on the Neste and Eggs of Indian Birds was aecumulated by him. He also collaborated with Oaptain C. H. T. Marshall in Publishing a work on the Game-Birds of India, Burmah and Ceylon (1879-80). Mr. Hume first offered his collection to the British Museum in 1883, but it was not tili 1885 that Dr. R. B. Sharpe went out to India in order to bring the collection home. By this time probably some 20,000 skins had been destroyed by the ravages of insects, but the most valuable part of the collection, which still comprised 63,000 bird-skins, 500 nests and 18,500 eggs, as well as some 400 skins of mammals, was practically intact or only slightly damaged. On turning to Dr. R. B. Sharpe’s presidential address in the Proceedings of the Forih Intern. Ornith. Congress, in which an account is given of the chief accessions to the Ornithological Department of the British Museum, we

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