Obituary: The Late A. W. Johnson

Published on 01 February 1913 in Obituaries

THE LATE A. W. JOHNSON. W E regret to announce the unexpected death of Mr. A. W. Johnson, who died after a very brief illness at Bucklebury, Berkshire, on December 18th, 1912. He was born in 1850 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and inherited his love of Ornithology from his father, who was a keen student of birds and a skilful taxidermist. Mr. Johnson’s earlier years were spent in the North of England, on the borders of Northumberland and Durham, and here he studied birds and collected eggs up to the year 1892. In 1869 he visited the Orkney and Shetland Isles and a few years later explored Denmark and the North Frisian Islands, besides paying several visits to Ireland. Although he rarely published any of his notes, he frequently communicated interesting information to his friends, and corresponded regularly with the late Professor Newton, Mr. R. J. Ussher, the late Henry Seebohm, and Mr. H. E. Dresser, who incorporated many of his observations in their well-known works. In 1892 Mr. Johnson retired from business and went to Upper Lake, California. Here he remained for twelve years, and continued to collect. In 1904 he returned to England for the purpose of educating his children. It was always a pleasure to him to show his large collection of over 16,000 eggs to an appreciative visitor, and his kindly disposition and generous hospitality will long be remembered by his many friends. F C. R. JOURDAIN.

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