Obituary: The Late Lewis N. G. Ramsay

Published on 01 June 1915 in Obituaries

T H E present war finds m a n y of the younger students of British ornithology serving in some branch of His Majesty’s Forces, and it is only fitting t h a t t h e fullest t r i b u t e should be paid t o the memory of those who lay down their lives for their country and t h a t the fullest acknowledgment should be made of the value of their unfinished scientific labours. Ornithologists have cause t o mourn the loss of one most enthusiastic fellow worker in Lewis Neil Griffith Ramsay, M.A., B . S c , who, although only twenty-five years of age, had already much good work to his name. Mr. R a m s a y was born at Aberdeen on 3rd F e b r u a r y , 1890, the second son of Professor Sir William M. Ramsay. He was educated at Merchiston School, Edinburgh, and afterwards studied at Aberdeen University and later at Christ’s College, Cambridge, and at the Imperial College of Science. He graduated M.A. a t Aberdeen in 1910, a n d B.Sc. in 1913, and was about to submit a piece of research work for his Cambridge B.A. During 1914 he acted as Assistant to the Professor of Natural History at Aberdeen, and shortly before the outbreak of war he h a d been made a Beit Memorial Fellow and was about to t a k e u p work

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