Obituary: The Late Lieut.- Col. H. H. Harington.

Published on 01 June 1916 in Obituaries

was killed in Mesopotamia on March 8th, 1916, was born at Lucknow on January 16th, 1868, the son of Mr. Herbert Harington of the Oudh Commission. Educated at Malvern, he entered the Militia and in 1888 was gazetted a subaltern in the Welsh Regiment. Two years later he was appointed to the Indian Staff Corps and joined the 92nd Punjabis, with whom he served for over twenty years in Burmah, and in this country also he for five years was attached to the Burmese Police. In December 1914 he was promoted to Lieut.-Colonel, and in February 1916 was gazetted to the command of the 62nd Punjabis, and it was whilst leading this regiment into action that he was killed. In 1909 Colonel Harington married Dorothy, the youngest daughter of the Hon. Walter Pepys, by whom he had a son and two daughters. Colonel Harington had always been a keen lover of nature and natural history generally, but it was not until he went to Burmah that he really took up ornithology seriously. His first articles were written for the Rangoon Gazette and soon attracted notice on account of the careful and accurate observation they displayed. These articles he reproduced in book form in 1908-9, adding a valuable table showing the distribution of Burmese birds. He also contributed from time to time to the Ibis, the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society and other periodicals, the most important cf these contributions being his review of the Timeliidse which appeared in

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