Obituary: Thomas Hudson Nelson

Published on 01 March 1916 in Obituaries

WITHIN sound of the sea, on a November afternoon we laid to rest, a t Redcar, all t h a t was mortal of Thomas Hudson Nelson. No m a n loved this neighbourhood better, no m a n knew it so well. Of Seafield and the estuary of the Tees he could have said : lilt terrarum mihi preeter omnes Angulus ridet ;There is more reason to rejoice over his life t h a n to lament that ho was not spared to become old. His life was complete in the best sense. Three score years had passed over him, yet to his contemporaries he appeared young, for age had not chilled 1I:F l.lood nor had illness, in a long-drawn fight, subdued the *’irage of his heart. Thus Nelson was himself to the e:ii A few minutes before the a t t a c k which endedin death, he wrote a letter to a young friend a t Salonika, who h a d asked for information about the birds there A short time before this, I had mentioned, in a letter t o him, t h a t a Cleveland farmer had given the name of ” Kowscothawk ” to a Merlin which had risen from the moor- in front of us ; when Nelson was in fact actually dying he was anxious to dictate a reply in order to tell me t h a t he had heard this name applied to another species, b u t this

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