Obituary: William Bernhard Tegetmeier

Published on 01 January 1913 in Obituaries

AT Golder’s Green, on November 19th, 1912, there passed away, at the great age of ninety-six, that well-known naturalist, breeder, exhibitor, judge, author and journalist, William Bernhard Tegetmeier, Born at the small village of Colnbrook in Buckinghamshire, on November 4th, 1816, a son of a surgeon in the Navy, Tegetmeier originally intended following his father’s profession; and with this object in view passed the necessary examinations in medicine and surgery at University College, London ; indeed, for a time, he became a practising surgeon, but the call of Nature became too strong for him, with the result that he threw himself whole-heartedly into the work of a naturalist and journalist. By so doing he proved, during the rest of his long life, of the greatest service to all breeders of poultry and pigeons and exhibition-stock generally, and to such his name will go down to future generations as one of the few men to whom the huge industry of breeding poultry and pigeons for exhibition and utility purposes owes its origin. Pigeons always held chief place in Tegetmeier’s heart, his two favourite groups being dragoons and racinghomers, varieties which, in no small measure, owe the high position they hold to-day to his early efforts on their behalf, and in connexion with the last-named, he made the acquaintance of the best fanciers in the home of the Pigeon Voyageur–Belgium–and was the first to inaugurate ” pigeon races” from Brussels to London. Turning to Tegetmeier’s literary work, foremost comes his book, published

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