Obituary: William Robert Ogilvie Grant

Published on 01 September 1924 in Obituaries

OGILVIE GRANT, who died on July 26th, 1924, was well known as an active ornithologist and head of the Bird Room at the British Museum up to 1916, when he was suddenly struck down by paralysis and had since lived in retirement near Reading. To his intimate friends his loss will be keenly felt, for he was of an affectionate and generous nature, and though he has been missing from the ornithological world for so long, there are many in the large circle who knew him who have kept a warm corner in their hearts for him. He made enemies, too, for he was imbued with an ardent and combative spirit, and this trait frequently led him into arguments which were not always unaffected by personal feeling. Ogilvie Grant was born on March 25th, 1863, the second son of the Hon. G. H. E. Ogilvie Grant, his mother being a daughter of Sir William Gordon-Cumming. He was educated at Fettes, and in June, 1882, became an assistant in the Zoological Department of the British Museum, at first under Dr. Gunther in the fish section and in 1885 under Dr. Bowdler Sharpe in the bird room. In 1893 he became a first class Assistant and in 1913 was appointed Assistant Keeper of the Zoological Department. Ogilvie Grant wrote Volume XXII. (Game Birds) of the Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum and parts of Volumes XVII. and XXVI. of the same great work, and Volume V. of the Catalogue

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